13 Comments on “iM Feature: Chuck’s Supercharged 2007 Lexus IS350”

  1. Scott
    Maybe for the simple reason that the ISF was just introduced in 2007 and Chuck already owned the car prior to its release? Maybe because Chuck, like anyone else with a passion for modding cars, wanted to build upon a platform that he could be proud of hence the reason for it being featured on this site? I don't know Rick, I just don't know if "Cheap" is the answer.
  2. chuck
    yes scott you are right isf was not released yet so i bought the is350 brand new when it came out for a little over 50, and also dumped around 30k on this whip... and id rather have the only super charged is350 in canada than a regular isf.. theres nothing "cheap" on my car all genuwine parts.. what do u drive budd ??? @rick
  3. Alex
    Love that car Looks so sick! Props to Chuck..... In other hand nothing is ever cheap with a lexus. It's a VIP car for a reason and a Darn SEXY one too :D
  4. sakuru
    ricky is a bit quiet. chuck, what supercharger you have on it? i cant seem to find any. was it custom built? only one that i saw supercharged in toronto only produced 40 horses for 4500 bucks?? how many horses did yours boost up to? here's a pic of my is350. not much done to it. but i have a few things coming up in the summer. http://4drive.ca/car/lexus/is/2_gen/sako/1
  5. chuck
    @sakaru that one ur talking bout actually made 50whp @5psi untuned im boosting higher then that and im running procharger c5 with upgraded yonaka fmic and hks ssqv bov , have a hks vpro otw still for tuning
  6. Edgar
    @chuck. I just purchased a 2007 is350 a few days ago. Hands down one of the best cars I've ever driven. We're the upgraded headlights a custom job or anyplace in particular I can purchase some? I really admire the work and effort put into your car.
  7. sakuru
    with that many mods you must have a check engine light on lol i barely touch my exhaust and the lights are always on. ps whered you get your super charger
  8. chuck
    @sakaru i have no CEL haha if you need some parts for ur is hit me up huynhcharlie1@gmail.com @edgar email me and thanks man i appreciate the kind words

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