4 Comments on “iM Highlight: Annie Carbonneau’s Legacy GT”

    • Aldrich Evangelista
      Sorry if this post bored you. Actually, no, I'm not. Yes, we feature big builds all the time here on illmotion. Thats because we appreciate the hard work that is put into them. But just because a car doesn't get a big high dollar build, baller overnight shipped parts, and isn't sitting half a hair off the ground doesn't mean we appreciate it any less. For all we know, these cars have just as much blood sweat and tears put into them. We've featured/highlighted cars built for the track, build for show, built to race, built to cruise. This car happens to be built for daily driving. We take the time to look at all sorts of builds, big or small. To everyone out there reading these articles, and supporting us in general: continue doing what you want to your car. Its your car. Thats what this tuning scene is all about, individuality. Don't let anyone discourage you from what you are doing. Everyone has an opinion. Build your car for the track, the street, the internet props. You're putting in work, and we want you to know that we here at illmotion appreciate it. To 'lol': if you think we've run out of cars, you haven't seen nothing yet. Don't like what we do? The internet is a big place, and I'm sure you can find something less boring.
  1. Sam
    The last two features are very inspiring, knowing that such stock cars are feature worthy makes me happy that my car can be featured on here one day, I really like what you guys are doing for this car community, showing people what a quality build really is

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