8 Comments on “iM Feature: JC Tenchavez’s 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS”

  1. Mian
    Ermahhhhgerd!!! Not to sound fangirl-ish but this is pretty much how I envision my slowrolla. It's crazy same rims &basically lighting &I'm shooting for more of an audio take on it BUT this is SOO AWESOME AHHHHH! Sorry but this made my nightt &I'm excited {^^}
  2. James
    i must disagree with the what the corolla is known for. The ae86 wasnt the only "corolla" hitting hard in the auto scene. whether it be sport or whatever. its the lack of knowledge about the car(at least in U.S.A) that lead people to bash or condescend the corolla. now i do beliebe the newer models are lacking in any "special" car department. but i guess thats what makes a tuned corolla special. that only a select few can do it. i love em. needle in a haystack type of thing
  3. JC Tenchavez
    I feel what you're saying James as in North America the Corolla is stereotyped as a point A to point B car here, and is in no stretch in the imagination considered a sports car over here. But that's exactly it, North America wasn't exposed to the sports history of the "Corolla" elsewhere in the world, because we never got those models other than the AE86 and AE101 with the GT-S badge. So with that, the newer generation Corollas and most newer Toyota models get that accusation of being a "boring and bland car". But to each their own and only a few people out there can make the new generation Corollas appealing in the North American car scene. Man I miss this Corolla. haha.
  4. Otto
    Hello JC Tenchavez, your ride is very clean. I'm looking forward to lower my 10th gen w/ bc racing coilovers and I would like to know the spring rates you had on yours. Thank you.
  5. Gray
    This is EXACTLY what I had in mind for my 2013 Corolla Sport (aka Corolla S). Those VS wheels will look wicked on my black 'Rolla :)
  6. Julio Cruz
    Nice corolla i have 2013 s especial edition hot lava color I yust lowered tint windows so far so good litle By litle im puertorican and im a corolla fan I will post a some pics.

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