6 Comments on “iM Feature: Sasa Karna’s 2004 Acura TSX”

  1. Henry
    I do have a question if yall don't mind to answer me, I own a 04 acura tsx stock and i've been looking around till I found this AWESOME example and I'm inspirate to do the same thing to my car; so my question is, does this full conversion fits perfectly on my 04 tsx just buying the parts(hood,girll,front/rear bumper,A-spect lip kit, and the sides of the front) or is it necessary to modified the front part of the chasis in order to make it fit. also those the jdm accord head ligh are different in size with the stock 04 tsx??? I'm willing to put some money and work on my car, but I want to do something that its going to be worth therefore I've come up to here; also, those it have to be done by a proffessional shop specialist on race cars or can be done on a convensional pain body shop. If yhall would be nice to replay me, so I can star to work and purshes the parts for the hole conversion. att: henry, post: I appologice for my grammar spelling, I'm not really apassionate for writing. Thank you
  2. Edgar
    Hello Henry, maybe is to late to reply,first congrats on your new car i own a 05 SSM 6MT, theres to versions of 1st gen tsx´s the 04-05 and the 06-08 the main body difference between these 2 are the bumpers, the grill, side skirts and maybe other little things that most people wont notice (non tsx fans), if you want the car to look exactly like the one above you would definitely need all the 06-08 parts and replace them for yours no extra modding is require, any regular body shop can do the job just remove and replace for the new ones and paint, i personally recommend you to for the 04-05 look is going to be a lot cheaper and it looks really nice as well, so can also get an A spec lip kit that fits for car model, try to subscribe to the online Forums like www.tsxclub.com or www.acurazine.com you can find a lot of info on these cars Just use the search function.

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