6 Comments on “iM Feature: Daniel Kowall’s BMW M3 GTR”

  1. X
    This is not a race car. It is an ugly show car. This set up is complete unbalanced garbage in regards to running it on a grand prix track.
    • Y
      @X Are you serious? this car was completely bought and built for the track. Every mod done on this car is to benefit it at the track. It has been on Mosport, Cayuga, Shannonville, Las Vegas Motorsports Park, Race City and Edmonton Indy track. It DOMINATES on the track. Do your research.
  2. Jeff
    Where did you pick up the Flossman body kit from? I'm starting to look at visual upgrades for my E46 M3, and I really like yours as inspiration, curious as to where you picked the kit up at?
  3. Matt
    Hey I know this is old but I noticed the article mentioning this is a m3 gtr. This is just an m3. GTRs came with a 4.0 V8 and that is clearly an inline 6 in the engine bay. M3=$60,000 brand new, m3 gtr=$250,000. Only about 10 or 15 were sold.

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